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January, 2007 (Revised) Air Quality Index (AQI) educational toolkit for weathercasters now available.

By providing Air Quality Index forecasts and reports during your weathercast, you can help millions of people protect their health. The links below will take you to documents and tools to assist as you provide this important air quality information to your viewers

Link Description
AIRNow Fact Sheet
(313KB, 4 pp., PDF)

AIRNow Mapping Fact Sheet
(319KB, 2pp., PDF)
Year-Round AQI Forecasts Fact Sheet Factual overview
AQI At-A-Glance Messages Color coded chart for quick reference
Air Quality Guide for Particle Pollution
   Also available in PDF format. (65KB, 2pp., PDF)
Background fact sheet about particles
AQI- A Guide to Air Quality and Your Health (629KB, 12pp. PDF) Background booklet on air quality and health issues
Talking Points for Meteorologists Talking points on the expanded AQI forecasts for your viewers
Tips on How to Introduce Year-Round AQI Forecasts to Your Viewers Suggestions for introducing AQI to your viewers
Myths and Facts About the AQI, particles and ozone
PSA Scripts(29KB, 5pp., PDF)  
Real-time AQI animations for ozone Ozone and Particles(2.5) maps are available on a national basis
Powerpoint Slides
About Particles (1.7MB PPT) Overview about particles
A New Way to Look at the Atmosphere (6.2MB PPT)
twc-6-25AMCD.mpeg (8.2MB MPG)
WDBJ-6-24_rev.mpg (9.1MB MPG)
These files are linked to the above presentation and should be downloaded into the same directory. They are also bundled and available for download in ZIP format. (21.8MB ZIP)
Expanded Air Quality Index - American Meteorological Society presentation (8/11/03)
AIRNow and the AQI
(16 MB PPT)
National Weather Association presentation (10/17/04)
Additional Reference Material
Ozone Air Quality Guide  
Ozone and Your Health  
Smoke from Fires and Your Health  
Ozone: Good Up High, Bad Nearby  
Smog, Who Does it Hurt?  
Particles and Your Health  
For More Information  
Contacts Phone Email
Richard "Chet" Wayland - Meteorologist 919-541-4603

Debbie Stackhouse - Outreach 919-541-5354
Susan Stone - Health 919-541-1146
Alison Davis - Media 919-541-7587

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