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Flag Ordering Tips

You will need five flags: green, yellow, orange, red, and purple. The purple flag might be needed only on rare occasions, but it is important to have if there is an air quality alert due to a wildfire or other serious air quality episode. There are some suggested color names and PMS (pantone matching system) numbers that your flag vendor may recognize. If you cannot get these exact colors, any similar green, yellow, orange, red, and purple will do. The nylon flag colors are called:

  • #349 Irish Green (PMS 3415c)
  • #108 FM Yellow (PMS 102c)
  • #151 Golden Poppy (PMS 151c)
  • #485 Canada Red (PMS 186c)
  • #2627 Pansy (PMS 2627c)

Pennant style flags are the most common, in the dimensions 3 feet by 5 feet. You may choose plain flags or flags with logos, graphics, or words (but the extra printing on the flags will cost more and may not be visible once the flag is raised on the flagpole). A set of five flags will usually cost under $100. The price often goes down if you order a large quantity of flag sets at the same time, so consider joining with other organizations when you order your flags.

Fly the flag on your organizations's flag pole, under any other flags you usually fly. If you don't have a flag pole, try a portable flag pole, wall bracket, or a flag hanger that attaches over a door.

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