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1.People with which disease are sensitive to unhealthy air?Here are the answers.  How did you do?

Answer: Asthma

2.Children are a sensitive group because their lungs are still:

Answer: Developing

3.The AQI color orange means:

Answer: Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

4.No one should play outside when the AQI is:

Answer: Maroon

5.If extra sensitive to air pollution you should limit your time outside when the AQI is:

Answer: Yellow

6.If the AQI is orange, red, or worse, do you have to stay inside all day?

Answer: No, but use caution

7.You can lower your health risk from air pollution by:

Answer: Spending less time outdoors

8.Which one of these is a sensitive group?

Answer: Children

9. If the health word for the day is "good," what color is the AQI?

Answer: Green

10.The AQI color red means the air outside is:

Answer: Unhealthy

11.Asthma makes it hard to:

Answer: Breathe

12.If the AQI is purple you should stay away from pollution sources like:

Answer: Traffic

13.What is the health word for a red day?

Answer: Unhealthy

14.What is the health word for a yellow day?

Answer: Moderate

15.What is the health word(s) for a purple day?

Answer: Very Unhealthy

16.What is the health word for a green day?

Answer: Good

17.If the health word for the day is "unhealthy for sensitive groups," what color is the AQI?

Answer: Orange

18.The AQI color is orange, that means the air is unhealthy for what groups?

Answer: Sensitive

19.When the AQI is red, how can you lower your risk from air pollution?

Answer: Take it easy while playing outdoors

20.If the AQI color is maroon, who should play outside?

Answer: No one

21.What time of day would ozone probably be lower?

Answer: Morning

22.What time of day would ozone probably be highest?

Answer: Afternoon

23.If you are playing outside when the AQI is orange or red and find it hard to breathe you should...

Answer: Stop and tell your parents or teachers

24.Can you see dirty air?

Answer: Sometimes

25.Dirty air can be most dangerous. When?

Answer: You are playing hard outdoors

26.Why is dirty air dangerous when you are playing hard?

Answer: You breathe more air into your lungs

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