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AQI Game Show

To play this game, first print out the page and then circle the correct answer from the list under each question.

1. People with which disease are sensitive to unhealthy air?

a) Asthma, b) Chicken Pox; or c) Measles Can you help me answer these questions?

2. Children are a sensitive group because their lungs are still:

a) Sleeping, b) Developing; or c) On the Phone

3. The AQI color orange means:

a) Start your engines, b) Stay inside; or c) Unhealthy for sensitive groups

4. No one should play outside when the AQI is:

a) Orange, b) Purple; or c) Angry

5. If extra sensitive to air pollution you should limit your time outside when the AQI is:

a) Hungry, b) Pink; or c) Yellow

6. If the AQI is orange, red, or worse, do you have to stay inside all day?

a) No, but use caution, b) Yes; or c) No

7. You can lower your health risk from air pollution by:

a) Jumping around, b) Spending less time outdoors; or c) Drinking milk

8. Which one of these is a sensitive group?

a) Rocks, b) Lawyers; or c) Children

9. If the health word for the day is "good," what color is the AQI?

a) Green, b) Orange; or c) Purple

10. The AQI color red means the air outside is:

a) Beautiful, b) Red; or c) Unhealthy

11. Asthma makes it hard to:

a) Breathe, b) Fight Crime; or c) Read

12. If the AQI is purple you should stay away from pollution sources like:

a) Ice cream parlors, b) Hospitals; or c) Traffic

13. What is the health word(s) for a red day?

a) Good, b) Unhealthy; or c) Sneezy

14. What is the health word(s) for a yellow day?

a) Head Cold, b) Good; or c) Moderate

15. What is the health word(s) for a purple day?

a) Ice Cream, b) Very Unhealthy; or c) Moderate

16. What is the health word(s) for a green day?

a) Good, b) Go; or c) Terrific

17. If the health words for the day are "unhealthy for sensitive groups," what color is the AQI?

a) Orange, b) Purple; or c) Yellow

18. The AQI color is orange, that means the air is unhealthy for what groups?

a) Rock Groups, b) Inside Groups; or c) Sensitive Groups

19. When the AQI is red, how can you lower your risk from air pollution?

a) Ride your bike really fast, b) Run around the block; or c) Take it easy while playing outdoors

20. If the AQI color is Purple, who should play outside?

a) No one, b) Kids; or c) People with heart or lung disease

21. What time of day would ozone probably be lower?

a) Afternoon, b) Morning; or c) 2:00

22. What time of day would ozone probably be highest?

a) Afternoon, b) Midnight; or c) Early Morning

23. If playing outside when the AQI is orange or red and find it hard to breathe you should...

a) Ride your bike, b) Keep playing outside; or c) Stop and tell your parents or teachers

24. Can you see dirty air?

a) Yes, b) No; or c) Sometimes

25. Dirty air can be most dangerous. When?

a) You are asleep, b) You are in school; or c) You are playing hard outdoors

26. Why is dirty air dangerous when you are playing hard?

a) You can't see, b) You're more likely to sprain your ankle; or c) You breathe more air into your lungs


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