Yuba City Girl Scouts Take Action

Troop 4240

Girl Scout Troop 4240 in Yuba City, CA has been busy addressing air quality issues in their region. The Yuba City area had eight days that were unhealthy for children in 2012, down from a high of 28 unhealthy days in 2006.

Children and teens are more susceptible to air pollution than adults. For starters, they take in more air per unit body weight at a given level of activity than adults. Young people also spend more time outside, and their lungs are still growing and developing. Knowing the air quality can help protect children’s health.

After talking with teachers and school administrators, the scouts at St. Isidore got approval to implement the School Flag air quality program in their school. Girl Scout training involves learning through three different National Leadership Journeys. The goal of each Journey is to help the girls discover their special skills and talents, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place.

One of these journeys, It's Your Planet – Love It!, incorporates learning about the environment, including the air we breathe. As one of the final steps in the journey, Troop 4240 took action. By raising air quality flags every day at school, these Girl Scouts are educating themselves and their classmates to know whether the air is dirty or clean, and what to do to protect their health.

Great job, Troop 4240!