AQI Real-Life Stories: James Kelley

Here’s what one family did to promote air quality awareness. Thanks to the Kelley family for sharing their event with us!

Event : AQI for Kids
Recognition of Air Quality Awareness Week
The Kelley's Place
Clinton, Mississippi

I am a graduate student at Jackson State University. I am pursuing a Dr.PH with a concentration of Epidemiology. My background includes a Master's in Environmental Science and research experience in GIS. I decided to host an air quality awareness event at my house. I have taken pictures and documented the event.

My kids and family friends were the audience. They are elementary age so I covered the basics, such as the air quality index (AQI). We began the event with a presentation about the AQI. We discussed how the EPA’s monitors are part of the air quality index system all over the U.S. and are used to measure air pollution.

Next, the kids learned about the air quality index colors and what they mean using flash cards and playing games. Then we viewed the current AQI for our local area on the AIRNOW website. The kids made a green flag to represent the AQI for the day.

Later, we all went back outside to enjoy the beautiful day. We took pictures of our creations.

I give EPA permission to publish the document and images for successful outcomes of Air Quality Week.

James Kelley
Clinton, MS

Left to right David, Christopher, Joshua Kelley.
Standing James Kelley