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Forecast Discussion: Today, mostly cloudy skies and rain showers will inhibit ozone formation, and northeasterly winds will bring a clean air mass into Minneapolis-St. Paul. These conditions will yield Good AQI levels. Tomorrow, east-northeasterly winds will persist in Minneapolis-St. Paul, continuing to transport a cleaner air mass into the region. In addition, pollutant carryover from the previous days will be low. Therefore, despite mostly sunny skies enhancing ozone formation, AQI levels will remain Good. Saturday, light winds will reduce pollutant dispersion, and partly to mostly sunny skies will aid ozone formation. Therefore, AQI levels will be low-Moderate. Sunday and Monday, moderate southeasterly winds will enhance mixing in the lower levels of the atmosphere, helping to disperse pollutants. In addition, increasing clouds will reduce ozone formation. As a result, AQI levels will be low-Moderate on Sunday and Good on Monday. Tuesday, lighter winds will reduce pollutant dispersion; however, mostly cloudy skies will continue to reduce ozone formation, and scattered thunderstorms will increase vertical mixing in the atmosphere, dispersing pollutants. These conditions will keep AQI levels Good.

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