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Forecast Discussion: A few sites across central Indiana have moderate PM2.5 readings this morning. A low pressure system will affect the area on Saturday, bringing rain and thunderstorm to the area. The Storm Prediction Center has southern Indiana in a slight chance of severe weather for Saturday, with a possibility of this being upgraded to an enhanced chance. There will be a large temperature gradient that develops during the day, with central Indiana reaching the low 50’s, southeast Indiana reaching the low 60’s, and southwest Indiana getting into the low 70’s. Winds will be out of the south to southeast at 5-15 mph, with gust to 20 mph. On Sunday, expect clouds to decrease throughout the day. Winds shift to the north between 5-15 mph. Temperatures will be between 55 and 65. On Monday, winds will decrease somewhat, but remain between 5-10 mph out of the north. Temperatures won’t change much from Sunday. Skies should remain clear throughout the day.

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