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Forecast Discussion: The Weekend Air Quality Forecast: On Saturday, expect mostly sunny early in the day to give way to a mix of sun and clouds late as the area of high pressure, which was off to our north on Friday, begins to shift eastward into the Atlantic. At the same time, a frontal system will continue to progress into the Great Lakes / Ohio Valley region. The combination of the high departing and the front incoming will steer our winds out of the southwest. As a result, temperatures will increase into the upper 80s. Humidity levels will also increase. This new air mass moving in will cause ozone and PM 2.5 levels to rise. Ozone will peak at the mid to upper moderate range thanks to the increase in clouds during the afternoon. The increase in humidity will also bump PM 2.5 levels in the moderate range. *** For Sunday, mostly cloudy skies will persist over the region as the frontal system, which was over the Great Lakes / Ohio Valley region on Saturday, progresses eastward toward our area. The front will come into contact with a warm and humid air mass. Therefore, expect showers to develop over our area. Moderate southerly flow will continue to keep temperatures in the low 80s. The cloud cover and rain will limit ozone formation to the good range while PM 2.5 will remain elevated due to the humidity levels over western PA. *** On Monday, mostly cloudy skies will continue to prevail over the area the frontal system, which pushed in on Sunday, moves off to our east. There could be a lingering shower early in the day but for the most part it should be dry. Winds will continue to reside out of the south, meaning it will remain warm and humid. Afternoon temperatures are going to rise into the low 80s again. The combination of the warmth and humidity will keep PM 2.5 elevated during the day. Once again, cloud cover will limit ozone production over the region and keep levels within the good category. *** For Tuesday, expect mostly cloudy skies to remain in place over the region as a new frontal system moves through our area. The frontal system will once again trigger shower development over our area as it moves through western PA. Compliments of the southwesterly flow, temperatures will remain seasonably warm and remain in the low 80s. The combination of the warm and humid conditions over the region will keep PM 2.5 levels in the moderate range while cloud cover continues to the 2014 trend of low ozone over western PA. *** Extended Outlook: As we take a peek into the upcoming week, we notice that the week will start off on the seasonably warm side. The week will also stay rather wet as up to three storm systems move through our area. The first of these frontal systems will move through on Sunday. A second frontal system will move through on Tuesday, resulting in another round of rain for the region. As conditions begin to dry and warm during the middle of the week, another frontal system will begin to dig into the Great Lakes region. This frontal system will drop south across PA as we head into Friday / Saturday. Expect more rain over western PA before the front pushes off to our south. Cooler and drier air will filter in for the weekend as a new high pressure system builds in over eastern Canada. Overall, air quality levels are expected to be primarily dominated by PM 2.5, due to ozone reliance on sunshine (which this week has a lack of). PM 2.5 levels are expected to remain either in the moderate range or near the good / moderate threshold for much of the week. --Nolan

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