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Forecast Discussion: Current Conditions: A strong upper level trough located over the eastern U.S. continues to dominate the weather pattern this Tuesday afternoon. This feature continues to bring unseasonably cool air into the area. Temperatures overall will end up the day about 10 degrees below average for the last days of July. The cool and dry northerly flow is keeping PM concentrations down in the good range, and cloud formations have also resulted in low ozone levels. Tonight will turn out mostly clear and chilly, with low temperatures dropping close to 50 degrees in the cool spots. *** Wednesday's forecast: A weak frontal system will slip southeastward from the Great Lakes on Wednesday. While the day will start out on the sunny side, clouds will again build by the afternoon, and there may be a stray thundershower develop as well. A little warmer on Wednesday with the mercury reaching near 80 in the afternoon. Cloud development should keep ozone levels down in the upper good range, and the air might remain too dry for moderate levels of PM2.5. *** Extended forecast: High pressure over the region will bring a little more in the way of sunshine on Thursday. With lighter winds, fine particulate will build into the moderate range, and with lots of sunshine, ozone also will build in the moderate zone. The high in time will shift off the east coast and create an onshore flow. The prevalence of clouds with increasing chances for afternoon and evening thunderstorms may hinder the development of ozone and keep it in the good range Friday and Saturday. Light winds and increasing humidity, however will cause fine particulate to build into the moderate range going into the weekend. Temperatures will also recover, but if there are more clouds and stronger easterly winds, they may remain slightly below normal to start out August.--McAuliffe

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